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The Higher Power App is available on the Google Play Store!

The Higher Power App is a fun way for those in 12 step programs to deal with some of life’s decisions and issues in a light, easy fashion. The App’s primary purpose is to help add some levity to daily life. It can also be useful for working the 4th step, especially as resentments come up during the day as you are trudging the road to happy destiny. The app is for entertainment purposes only but could be useful with working and living the 12 steps of recovery.

The Higher Power App has five different areas each reached by a tab at the bottom of the screen. The Pray tab is used when an answer to a simple yes or no question is desired. The answers, for the most part, are 12 step program related. The resentment tab is used to jot down resentments either as they come up during the day or if the user is formally working on their 4th step. The 4th step can be emailed at any time, very handy to share with a sponsor. The God Box tab is used to give stuff up to your Higher Power. Usually things that you are desiring for yourself or others. The Surrender tab is used for things that need to be let go of, stuff you don’t want to hang on to. The Sayings tab is where you can collect 12 step or spiritual sayings and then you can share them with other via email.